7 Day Slim Tummy Challenge

Have you ever desired to lose weight with all natural ingredients?

Do you want to improve your overall health and wellness while increasing your energy?

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  • Make the decision to start losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle.
  • Purchase your 7 DAY SLIM TUMMY KIT here and sign up for the challenge​ below.
  • Review our 7 Day Eating Plan and prepare your meals for the upcoming week.
  • Designate a support system to encourage you throughout your journey.
  • Once your kit arrives, start the challenge and eating plan solely on Monday.
*** Challenge starts each Monday morning at 12am and ends each Sunday night at 11:59pm ***
  • Take "before" measurements: weight, waist, hips, and thigh.  Submit by Wednesday below.
  • "Before" photos should be in shorts or tights and crop top showing front and back views.  Make sure you hold a paper written on it the date, your name, and measurements details on the image.
  • Take "after" weight measurements and photos on Monday after the challenge is over on Sunday.  Submit by Wednesday below.
  • All pictures and information should be uploaded below.
  • Winners will be announced each Friday at 12pm. 
Upload Pictures
Picture Instructions
  • Selfies in front of the mirror will not be accepted. Your photo has to be taken by someone else.
  • Photos need to be under good or at least decent lighting with a clean background.
  • Photos need to be close enough covering only your full body and avoiding unnecessary background space.
  • Wear fitted or short, shorts.
  • No regular bras or crop tops will be accepted. Wear a sports bra.
  • Your photos should clearly show your face.

Q: What is the purpose of the 7 DAY TUMMY CHALLENEG?

The 7 Day Tummy Challenge is designed to boost your metabolism, flush toxins from your body and to add support to the digestive system so that it functions properly. Eating high nutritious, low calorie meals and drinking plenty of liquid during the week, your body is able to lose excess eater weight and burn the fat that has accumulated around the abdomen and internal organs.

Q: Why is the 7 DAY SLIM TUMMY CHALLENGE only a week?

Our challenge is a short term intervention for those to want to see quick results. Normally everyone can stay dedicated to a plan for a week and at the end day 7. dramatic benefits, both weight loss and improved energy levels and overall wellness will be seen. This alone motivates a person to continue with a healthy lifestyle for the next month and for the rest of their lives.

Q: How much weight am I expected to lose in one week?

No one person is the same and it depends on your lifestyle on how much weight you would lose. Previous testimonials report that people may lose up to 8lbs during the first week, with some losing as much as 17lbs. However, whatever you lose is an amazing frist step towards feelings fabulous, looking lovely and improving your health.

Q: Do I need to follow the eating plan provided?

Our 7 day eating plan is provided to ensure you are eating following a healthy eating plan during your 7 day challenge. It is very important to begin your day with a nourishing breakfast to fuel your body and brain. Wheats and oats are ideal for breakfast, a cleansing vegetable soup is recommended for lunch and dinner you may choose any lean protein and vegetables

Q: Why do I need to drink so much water?

Water is essential to keep our body and brain hydrated in order to it to function optimally. Drinking plenty of clear liquids helps flush toxins from the body.

Q: What should I do if I am hungry?

Often when we feel hungry, we are actually thirsty. It's a good idea to drink a glass of water, wait 20 minutes and see how you feel. If you really are hungry, drink a smoothie, have some soup or raw vegetables.

Q: What is difference between Hemp and Marijuana?

Both hemp and marijuana are varieties of the plant Cannabis sativa that have been produced through selective breeding. Hemp has been bred to promote fiber, grain, and/or cannabidiol (CBD) production. On the other hand, marijuana has been bred to promote the production of Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive compound. Legally, Cannabis must contain 0.3% or less THC by dry weight to be considered hemp. All products are infused with 100% Organic Full Spectrum Hemp

Q: What is in the Herbal Energy and Herbal Tranquility Tinctures that will assist me in losing weight?

Q: What is Herbal ProGreen and how will it assist me in losing weight?

Q: What is the purpose of using the ProGrade Roll-On?

Frequent Slim Tummy Questions:

Healthy Benefits

Supports weight loss
Burns fat
Increase metabolism and energy levels
Reducing bloating
Improves digestion
Appetite suppressant


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